Working in Sudirman

Wow! It’s such a long time since the last time I posted in here! Yap, so many things was changed in the past few months, especially… my job! 🙂

Working with a nice working suit such as dress + blazer and high heels,  working in a high rise building in the middle of Central Business District, working in a room with city views in the window, and the most important thing is working in such a big company—of course an international company. Yap! These are MY DREAMS, and the good news is MY DREAM’S CAME TRUE!!!


(images sources : Colliers intern Intranet)

It might sound silly, but I always wanted to work in Sudirman, and be a part of that busy business district. After three years working in an ordinary company, I think it’s time for me to move on! I don’t want to be STUCK in my comfort zone forever! So, I choose to resign at the end of last year—and I got this job at the beginning of this year! What a joy!

Bigger company means a bigger responsibility. At first, I was shocked with the working environment. My bosses were really pay attention to every tiny details—something that I didn’t got from my previous bosses. But I think it’s a good thing for me, and I’m willing to learn and adapt to it. Yap, there’s a lot of challenges—and sometimes… they’re not easy! But if I want to be a better person, I have to survive.  And I know I can, because I will always have a faith in me. 🙂


(images sources : google)

And hey—I’ll share some tips If you want to have a better career:

1. Brave to leave your comfort zone!

Some people are stuck with their career. It’s not because they have a big salary—or even love their job! They’re just too scared to leave their comfort zone and find a new job.  If you think you need to move on—just do it! Do not hesitate! Just imagine a better career out there.

2. Prepare your English skill

Get ready for the interview with a big company. They must be tested your English skill. I didn’t mean we have to have an excellent English skill—but we have to be good at it! Just speak English with confident. In my current company, most of our clients are expatriates. That’s why we must be able to speak English. I mean, we’ll have a lot communication with our clients, right.

3. Smart & Experienced is a plus

Having a few years experienced would be an advantage. But the most important thing is, we have to be smart and skilled—it’s a must!

4. Be Confident

Always be confident in any situation. If you don’t believe in yourself, then who does?

5. Well Dressed-Up

I think it’s important, because good appearance will makes a good impression.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Colin Powell.

Happy Working, Fellas! 😀


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