Who am I?

Who am I?

I’m not a spiderman (obviously :-p),
Here’s the 5 things you should know about me…
1st     My-full-name : Yantri Abshar Diinia a.k.a  Yantri.
2nd    I’ve been working as Architect for about 4 years. “Dream, Design, and Make it Real” that’s the way I work! And now I’m joining the biggest property consultant in Indonesia, Colliers International Indonesia 🙂
3rd    I’m married to a great guy named Dhici since 5 June 2011 (fyi… he’s an Architect too, just like me).
4th    Another part of me was born at 15th June 2013, his name is Arfa Danish Hauzan.
5th    Writing has always been a part of me. Well, I’m not a famous writer, it’s just something I loved since a long time ago. Unfortunately, I never had time to published (or even finished) what I write. But I love doing it! 🙂

What am I doing in here?

What will I shared?

I’ll share anything.. whatever that comes to my mind. About Architecture, my personal life, my experiences, my job and of course my son ❤

Let’s get the story started, Enjoy…!


With Love,



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